dont try to control me because tell you what

i don’t take kindly to that

i prefer hurting an innocent person’s feelings over giving an ill-willed person the benefit of the doubt

so don’t even think about it, i’ll snap you in two

hugs+any physical contact reallyyy but mostly things that have to do with my front. upper back touches are okay usually but NOT SUDDEN that still takes a little deal of time. u have to understand the amount of times i have lost people for romantic or sexual things i’m very cautious i’d very much rather not deal with the anxiety, especially now.

i feel like this is important for my friend to know because its not exactly….. typical

when my body decides to cry my voice goes HUKK HYUKKK HHIC HHaaaAAAAhhh and shit. thats the only reason why i wont talk when im crying i cant even get the words right im thinking perfectly fine and if u give me a pencil and paper ill be fine i just gotta wait it out. Dont touch Whatever U Do, when i’m in a situation where i can’t speak freely hell if i’m gonna want deal with a situation i’m not used to

some people are introduced to me like that and then ill go with it like even then it takes …  about four months for me to be comfortable with it and a year or so to reciprocate hugs

partly because i must be sure this isnt an amorous thing partly because its a personal thing and thats Not Something I Do generally and partly and heres a biggie partly because hugging involves this shit on my chest and i don’t… like people being able to feel that. at all ever. it takes a long long time to trust someone not to shoot it into sexuality or romance and for me to trust them enough to not be extremely uncomfortable with my chest constantly 24/7. not just TRUSTING someone not to stab me in the back but trusting them with those things. theyre different

so sorry.. kit and savanna and everyone. please dont push it

dont ever ask me why im crying or like. touch me or anything. because 9/10 and def not when im around other people its gonna be something dumb that resulted from stress and 1. physical contact makes me anxious anyway, someone touching me especially hugging me esPECIALLY if i’m not used to them hugging me will not help. 2 im not that feelings-oriented and u will see if you ask me why im crying ill be like “i dont know” because ill probably have dropped my water or something and i literally will not care  and i wont talk because of that. i literally will not care but my body does not stop this head leaking thing sometimes so


cant be friends with dudes cus theyll act like im a girl or want to date me even tho theyre straight (again: act like im a girl) cant be friends with girls because if theyre straight we… wont get each other, from my experience and if theyre not theyll act like im a girl and we still wont get each other

my only options are nb ppl and aces since im still… benefitting from passing as a str8 female. eugh

least i like being alone

dont out me